Mr. Friedman’s main areas of practice are:


  • business formation (including early stage enterprises and operations);
  • licensing and permits;
  • private equity (including angel and venture capital);
  • commercial agreements and transactions (U.S., cross-border and multinational);
  • finance (including debt, equity  and other transactions);
  • securities transactions;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • corporate governance and other general corporate and business matters;
  • joint ventures and other strategic alliances;
  • regulatory compliance (including representing clients involved in government investigations); 
  • special projects;
  • barter and countertrade;
  • dispute avoidance;
  • dispute resolution; and
  • community development.


I have known Ed Friedman for over ten years. During that time period, he has provided me with expert legal and business advice for my company Bethesda Vision Care. He is not only an excellent lawyer, knowing the nuances of the law, but he has a keen business sense which has helped me with prudent strategies as my practice has grown substantially. Ed was able to guide me in the proper direction helping our business sustain the growth that we have had over the time period of which we have been associated. I highly recommend using Ed Friedman for legal/business counsel. He has advised me very well through the years and is also a very good friend.  

Dr. Michael Berenhaus, Owner  Bethesda Vision Care


Ed worked as lead counsel on a number of ground breaking transactions for me. He expertly and diligently navigated a public company through a number of trans border acquisitions and financings holding his own with the likes of Morgan Stanley and Bankers Trust in complex negotiations.

Ed is not one to toot his own horn but he quietly did what higher profile counsel in many cases could not have pulled off, all while keeping a calm patient attitude with a wry sense of humor to match.

I recommend him most highly.

Clive Kabatznik, Director,  Strategy First, Inc.

I worked closely with Ed on the various securities filings and issues for MTR Gaming. Having worked with numerous securities lawyers as both a General Counsel and a Chief Financial Officer of various public companies, I would unqualifiedly recommend Ed.

Steve Overly, Sr. VP and General Manager,  Overwatch Systems Tactical Operations

Ed and I worked together for over ten years at Ruben & Aronson, LLP. Ed is an outstanding attorney who has depth and breadth of knowledge, an attention to detail, and excellent business and legal judgment. I would highly recommend Ed to anyone who needs representation.

Lawrence London, Attorney/Entrepreneur

Edward Friedman is a consummate professional. I found him to be an outstanding lawyer as well as individual. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a lawyer that is honest hardworking and dedicated to getting good results.

Julie Frank, President, Julie Frank Enterprises Inc. 

Mr. Friedman is a seasoned and knowledgeable corporate attorney that digs in to every detail to make sure his clients get the best possible protection in every deal. I strongly recommend his legal services.

Rami Loya ,CEO,  Loya Consulting Group, LLC

I recently hired Ed to advise me on both text and negotiation regarding two complex contracts that were vital to my start-up software business. He conveys clear, expert legal information -- and he is very responsive to urgent and unpredictable negotiations. While not being reluctant to press me with uncomfortable information that I need to know, Ed understands that his client makes the ultimate decisions about what risks to take. I expect to continue using Ed's legal services in the future.

J. Michael Rozmus, Agility Video

It is my great pleasure to write in high regard and support of Mr.  Edward A. Friedman (Eddy). Undoubtedly he is a top leader and has high  caliber to carry out and organize groups and events in the community. I  have known Eddy as a parent in our child’s class at CES/JDS. My husband  Avi and I came to know Eddy better as we volunteered for nearly two  years together with him the parent-patrol at CES/JDS between 2002 and  2004. Eddy is highly motivated, bright, and a very capable leader in the  community. Among the many parents at the JDS I have met and befriended  in the last 15 years, Eddy is exceptional in his ability, motivation,  and interactions with others.

Eddy had a quick and thorough  reaction to the sniper attack in October 2002. Upon this threat to the  community, Eddy Identified the need to better protect the entrance to  the Jewish school which was both open to a main street and unorganized  so that children and cars were exposed for a long time to potential  threats. He devised the plan, gathered a large group of volunteers and  interacted professionally with school. He effectively guided and  organized all the volunteer members of the school, and developed a new  process of controlled entrance for the children at the school, utilizing  parent volunteers to speed up the process. For several years Eddy  relentlessly recruited new volunteers, arranged schedules and constantly  improved the procedures.

As a result, the childrens' entrance to the  school was safer and quicker, and traffic on the street leading to the  school improved by reducing traffic jams.

The process Eddy installed was so successful that the school eventually adopted it as part of its official procedures.

Importantly,  I should mention his high ability to plan and reason independently  together with listening and incorporating advice and comments from all  other members of the volunteer group.  Eddy’s work ethic is admirable as  he routinely spent many extra hours each week, working diligently above  and beyond. In addition Eddy has a very pleasant personality and  cooperates very well with the volunteer members coming from diverse  backgrounds.

Eddy’s repertoire of persistence, interpersonal  skills, and problem-solving ability—evidenced by his quick response to a  unique situation and his interactions with diverse group of  people—should make him a competitive candidate for any community base  leadership role. 

Chava Kimchi , Principal Investigator at FDA

I have had the priviledge to watch Ed offer and carry-out many suggestions that he offerred in an effort to improve the reputation of  Winston Churchill High Schools and the students that attend.  He  initiated the Churchill Chats, which has been meeting once a month for 6  years.  From the Chats, students discuss in an open forum what is  important to them.   It is then discussed at the administration level  where many changes have been implemented.  Ed has also advised our  committee on legal matters related to the Chats, the procuring and  installation of our Digital Sign, and numerous other projects.

Ed is an out of the box thinker with ideas that satisfies and  improves  everyone involved. I have learned much from Ed and am thankful for  working alongside him. 

Michael Fisher,  Independent Real Estate Professional